Secret Midnight Toll

(With reference to Songs from the 70’s) Well, here I sit. James Taylor sings Fire and Rain and those sunny days he thought would never end, he had hoped to see you ….one more time again. And, here I sit. Humming Joan’s Diamonds and Rust, and smile at her words on the ‘original vagabond’ “myContinue reading “Secret Midnight Toll”

Poena ~ Ashes of Rose

Poena ~ 1 In memory of my nephew Viraj Thappa Ashes of Rose My colour for YOU,  Ashes of Rose, soft words reflect the colour of your flushed cheeks, tinged with indigo blue. You who lie so still, content. Smiling in deep slumber, breathing in tune to an ephemeral heartbeat, your lips part asunder, aContinue reading “Poena ~ Ashes of Rose”

In Love We Trust

Trips and Trials ~ A Selection of Poems and Songs Dedicated to my husband, Sibabrata Tripathi (Indian Foreign Service, 1979). May 3rd 1955 ~ February 27th 2017 A Trilogy I Molten pools, liquid fire dancing in mischief, recollections of joy. Ablaze with passion of a deep-rooted anger at mankind’s inhumanity. Softly aglow with love’s specialContinue reading “In Love We Trust”