9 Lives

No known eras. Jayshree Misra Tripathi (C) the mind innocent, the heart pureknew not insecurity.the mind playful, the heart curiousknew not jeopardy.the mind in its adolescence, insecureknew not stability.the mind yearning for answers,knew not invulnerability.the mind maturing, yet to fully evolveknew not accountability.the mind bolder still, yet fraught with fearknew not serenity.the mind even older,Continue reading “9 Lives”

Homage to my great great grandmother, a child widow, during Pitru Paksha 2020

 Pitru Paksha is the fortnight of rememberance of one’s ancestors in India. I have often marvelled at the determination of my great, great grandmother, Radhika Devi. In accordance with customs prevalent in the late 19th century, she was married at the age of 9 to her young husband of 14. She was meant to goContinue reading “Homage to my great great grandmother, a child widow, during Pitru Paksha 2020”

On the eve of India’s Independence Day….

I recall – As dusk falls on the eve of India’s Independence Day 2015, there is a sense of calm in our hearts for the first time in 13 years. We are gazing onto our new patch of garden in Bhubaneswar, having come home and we do not have to go over each minute detailContinue reading “On the eve of India’s Independence Day….”

Poena ~ Ashes of Rose

Poena ~ 1 In memory of my nephew Viraj Thappa Ashes of Rose My colour for YOU,  Ashes of Rose, soft words reflect the colour of your flushed cheeks, tinged with indigo blue. You who lie so still, content. Smiling in deep slumber, breathing in tune to an ephemeral heartbeat, your lips part asunder, aContinue reading “Poena ~ Ashes of Rose”

Forty five days into #Lockdown, Disquiet in Isolation…..continues

May 8th 2020 Forty five days into #Lockdown – Hemingway’s title For Whom the Bells Toll comes to mind, as apt for our workers seeking to get home to their villages, as does the novel by Camus –The Plague, which journalist Nirupama Subramanian writes of in her article, The Moral Contagion, in the Indian Express,Continue reading “Forty five days into #Lockdown, Disquiet in Isolation…..continues”

World Cancer Day 2020

When The Emperor of Maladies erupts and disrupts Life…… a cached text version of my article on Huffington Post India. Leap Of Unfaith: Letting Go Of My Husband It has not been easy inhaling and exhaling these past 240-odd days. HUFFINGTON POST INDIA THE BLOG 10/04/2017 3:37 PM IST | Updated 01/06/2017 10:06 AM ISTContinue reading “World Cancer Day 2020”

How Languages Changed My Life by Project MEITS Heather Martin (Editor), Wendy Ayres-Bennett (Editor)

How Languages Changed My Life is a collection of stories exploring the importance of languages in shaping the lives of individuals and communities around the world. It brings together writers and musicians, politicians and activists, teachers, students, scientists, comedians, and sportspeople whose experiences are both unique and exemplary. The first-person voices are conversational, intimate andContinue reading “How Languages Changed My Life by Project MEITS Heather Martin (Editor), Wendy Ayres-Bennett (Editor)”

Expatriate Heads of Schools: An intrinsic Indian need?

There are now over 700 International Schools across India that offer foreign programmes of study, that are termed ‘Foreign Boards’. These International Schools charge from Rs 4 lakhs to Rs 8 lakhs in annual tution fees. Parents continue to want the best for their children, but mainly to send them overseas. Earlier, it was toContinue reading “Expatriate Heads of Schools: An intrinsic Indian need?”