In Memory of Emily Bronte #BOTD 30 July, 1818.

In Memory of Emily BronteMy words, from The Sorrow of Unanswered Questions (no longer in print), 2001, the International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Reclusive visionary,Mystical, passionate scribe,DeciphererOf the troubled human soul:Austere guide of Love,That triumphs over evil,And outlastsViolence, indifference, strife,Even death itself,Your haunting legacy lives on.

Regional Literature ~The Canvas – Short stories translated from Telugu.

The Canvas – A collection of short stories rendered from Telugu. By R.S. Krishna Moorthy & N.S. Murty. Published by VAKILI, March 2019, pp 305. The title of this anthology, the third in a tetralogy, a sequel to The Palette (published in 1999) and The Easel (2015), is apt, for we are introduced to twenty-twoContinue reading “Regional Literature ~The Canvas – Short stories translated from Telugu.”

This present eerie stillness…

I Social Media tells me to say I ‘languish’, ‘blah’ was the word for feeling down, Yes, I do admit toxic anxiety, anguish, my brain cells mutating from birth till now. This spiralling infliction. Yet in the end, the mind can but falter, lose its grasp on reality, Time uncharted. Blah! No, not languish, fitfulContinue reading “This present eerie stillness…”

Dear Reader of Poetry on Social Media

Dear Reader, Will you read my story today? or avert your gaze, skip words composed by an unfamiliar name in your timeline? easier to like the feted ones here, matured in language, art, defined sales, the close-knit literary circles? Yes, one may even notice your heart, say ‘thank you’ with an emoji or even beContinue reading “Dear Reader of Poetry on Social Media”

On the eve of India’s Independence Day….

I recall – As dusk falls on the eve of India’s Independence Day 2015, there is a sense of calm in our hearts for the first time in 13 years. We are gazing onto our new patch of garden in Bhubaneswar, having come home and we do not have to go over each minute detailContinue reading “On the eve of India’s Independence Day….”

Poena ~ Ashes of Rose

Poena ~ 1 In memory of my nephew Viraj Thappa Ashes of Rose My colour for YOU,  Ashes of Rose, soft words reflect the colour of your flushed cheeks, tinged with indigo blue. You who lie so still, content. Smiling in deep slumber, breathing in tune to an ephemeral heartbeat, your lips part asunder, aContinue reading “Poena ~ Ashes of Rose”

How Languages Changed My Life by Project MEITS Heather Martin (Editor), Wendy Ayres-Bennett (Editor)

How Languages Changed My Life is a collection of stories exploring the importance of languages in shaping the lives of individuals and communities around the world. It brings together writers and musicians, politicians and activists, teachers, students, scientists, comedians, and sportspeople whose experiences are both unique and exemplary. The first-person voices are conversational, intimate andContinue reading “How Languages Changed My Life by Project MEITS Heather Martin (Editor), Wendy Ayres-Bennett (Editor)”

Expatriate Heads of Schools: An intrinsic Indian need?

There are now over 700 International Schools across India that offer foreign programmes of study, that are termed ‘Foreign Boards’. These International Schools charge from Rs 4 lakhs to Rs 8 lakhs in annual tution fees. Parents continue to want the best for their children, but mainly to send them overseas. Earlier, it was toContinue reading “Expatriate Heads of Schools: An intrinsic Indian need?”

Words that may denote melancholia or depression.

A month left to herald the New Year – 2020. It will be a time for joy, goodwill and hope. Yet for some it may be a time of anxiety and loneliness or perhaps something deeper….? From : “A safe space for conversations, trusted information and resources on mental health in India”. Have youContinue reading “Words that may denote melancholia or depression.”