Poena ~ Ashes of Rose

Poena ~ 1 In memory of my nephew Viraj Thappa Ashes of Rose My colour for YOU,  Ashes of Rose, soft words reflect the colour of your flushed cheeks, tinged with indigo blue. You who lie so still, content. Smiling in deep slumber, breathing in tune to an ephemeral heartbeat, your lips part asunder, aContinue reading “Poena ~ Ashes of Rose”

In Love We Trust

Three poems ~ excerpts from Trips and Trials https://www.amazon.in/Trips-Trials-Selection-Poems-Songs/dp/938441152 Six poems online http://thepunchmagazine.com/the-byword/poetry/love-a-trilogy-and-other-poems A Trilogy I Molten pools, liquid fire dancing in mischief, recollections of joy. Ablaze with passion of a deep-rooted anger at mankind’s inhumanity. Softly aglow with love’s special light, bedimmed, moist, once the passion’s spent. Truly the poets have spoken: Eyes reflect theContinue reading “In Love We Trust”